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We’re halfway through March and we’ve already been witness to some giant film news. This week we found out that Warner Bros. are rebooting the highly influential sci-fi classic, The Matrix, with Michael B. Jordan in talks to star. Orson Welles final but unfinished project has been picked up by Netflix, who will fund and produce the finishing touches to iconic filmmaker’s movie, and of course, Chris Evans has Marvel fans everywhere wondering if he’s really quitting as Captain America after some info came out of Esquire Magazine’s feature. So sit back, relax and enjoy WatchMojo’s The CineFiles, as we count down our picks for the biggest cinema news of the week!

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  1. Although it would be weird to have marvel without Evans, it would be great to explore Bucky or the falcon taking over as captain as in the comic books 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. After 5 months of filming and then promoting until the movie comes out. Its pretty much a year long job and understandable of someone wants a break from it. But with Robert, Brie, Mark, Scarlett, Benedict, Tom, Chad, uhh the other Chirs’s (there’s like 3 of them) I’m sure the MCU is gonna be ok.

  3. he can’t handle all the captain america workouts ( joke) chris evans is a cool actor tho like in fantanstic four, cellular, snowpiericer, push and captain america obviously

  4. Well the MCU films are on the verge of going on a popularity slump. The X-Men/Fox movies are getting more popular, and WONDER WOMAN could give DCEU the much needed popularity boost.

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