Why does the “Poop Emoji” exist? Where did it come from? It’s kind of a funny story..


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  1. We need your honest feedback! Would you like learn the history of random things (not just emojis)? Should we make this an ongoing series? Let us know your thoughts!

    • +Dr170 Thanks! We’ve always tried to stick within our theme, but we must admit.. After 5 years of doing “top 10’s”, it’s really nice to be able to switch it up! It’s just about finding which other types of videos you guys will also like.

    • Top10Archive Go for it. You’re already a million times better than WatchMojo and they broke their commitment to the structure years ago.

    • Top10Archive Awesome, this history archive video is a good idea.

      But i believe Yahoo! Messenger introduced and popularised emojis to the WEST way before the 1st iFeces… because their Emoticons are used just like Emojis, with just a click.

    • I love it, it’s a fun idea, particularly if you can hit on origins of things not commonly covered. Like you did with this video. Keep it up!

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