Walking Dead’s King Ezekiel: Comic Book Origins

The Walking Dead season 7 is finally kicking off and we are already being introduced to some of the most interesting and coolest characters so far. First and foremost of these is King Ezekiel of the post-apocalyptic settlement know and “The Kingdom”. But who is King Ezekiel, why is he king? Where did he get a frekin’ tiger? Robert Kirkman’s Walking comic book is well ahead of AMC’s television series so readers have a little more information about the character than casual fans of the show. Join WatchMojo as we explore the comic book origin of King Ezekiel

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  1. My new favourite twd character ! , so refreshing to meet someone who isn’t
    a complete psychopath :)

  2. He has secret internal insecurities about being a leader. To be honest,
    that’s a good thing. It’s when leaders don’t have those internal
    insecurities that you know you’re screwed. Those fears mean you aren’t a
    sociopath and actually give a shit about the people under you. If anything,
    it makes you even more fit to lead.

  3. Everytime i started to like someone in TWD.. in a few seasons they will be
    dead… haaays! same with GOT!

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