Top 5 Facebook Myths You Can Stop Worrying About

Unlike Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube, this social network gets a lot of bad rep. Whether its from the movie “The Social Network” where Jessie Eisenberg played an evil Mark Zuckerberg or just the rumours of personal information being sold to big companies. This video will ask questions like, Does Facebook own what you post? Is Mark Zuckerberg a jerk? Did Mark Zuckerberg steal the idea for Facebook? What was Facemash? Is Twitter more popular than Facebook? Does Facebook sell my Information? and more. These myths are about to get busted.

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  1. so, because facebook said they don’t sell information it’s true?
    that’s like saying : guy’s, isis aren’t terrorists, they said so yesterday.

  2. #5 is confirmed that they actually do… If you believe the legal terms of facebook, then you are stoopid. 1# is also confirmed. Any picture you post, facebook may use it how they see fit. So they do own it. Even tought they claim they dont.

  3. Facebook is a huge data-mining platform where we willingly hand over any information governments and corporations need to know about us. But don’t let that stop you from using it because they’ll get your information whether you use social media or not.

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