Top 10 Things We Pretend to Understand but Don’t


Of course we know what you’re talking about! From cars, to the stock market, to the very convoluded definition of irony, these head scratchers pretty much go over everyone’s heads…so why won’t we admit it?! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Things We Pretend to Understand but Don’t.

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#10. How Cars Work
#9. The Stock Market
#8. The Definition of “Irony”
#7. Debt
#6. Social Media
#5. Mortgages
#4. Bitcoin
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. 1:03 “Sure, lots of people know how the internal combustion engine works, but *just as many people* don’t.” Uhhhh I’m not really sure how that works WatchMojo…?

  2. Mortgages are not difficult to understand. You want to own something, so someone else buys it and you slowly pay them until you own it.

  3. Well car guys, obviously know how a car works, when you love something like cars or tech, you will probabilly know how the those things work.

  4. Wow. No health/workout terminology? Macros? Sets? Reps? Clings? Bench? The different supplements? The list goes on.

  5. I did a play about the Stock Market, went to the Stock Exchange, asked a dozen stockbrokers if they understood it, all of them said no.

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