Top 10 Things Men DO NOT Understand About Women

Every man has asked himself “how do I understand women?” at some point in life. Unfortunately, there’s no guide for how to understand women in relationships or how to understand women’s emotions, so men will always be asking why are women always cold? Why are women obsessed with shoes? Why do women love bad boys? And why are women so fixated on marriage? Yes, many of those are stereotypes about women, but understanding a woman’s mind can still be difficult. WatchMojo counts down ten things men will never understand about women.

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00:37 #10: Why Do Women Order Salad, THEN EAT MY FRIES?
01:31 #9: Why Are Women So Fixated On Marriage?
02:27 #8: Why Do Women Love Bad Boys?
04:13 #6: Why Do Women Love Gossip?
04:57 #5: Why Are Women Obsessed with Shoes?
05:49 #4: Why Are Women Constantly Cold?
06:26 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  1. where is the other half of this? things that women don’t get about men? like why do they take so long to poop?

  2. The reason women are always cold is because the western style contemporary clothes they make us these days are complete flimsy useless rags!

  3. I hate this video for generalizing. Men can be just as gossipy, and just because you spend money on video games instead of shoes changes nothing. I do love how much personality the narrator had in this video though lmao ???

  4. Women Dont really understand their own Behaviour so a man i have no chance,I imagine its linked to a womans emotional needs,It does not have to make sense to you not every thing a woman does has to be the Product of logic and reason

  5. #1 thing women dont understand about men, we don’t want to be your friend we want to have sex with you/marry you/date you/be your boyfriend. friend zoning him doesnt make him feel better, if you dont like him just tell him no so he can move on with his life and not waste his time on you its that simple

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