Top 10 Family Guy Plot Holes You Never Noticed
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These plot holes in Family Guy make less sense than Peter fighting a giant chicken. For this list, we’re looking at inconsistencies in “Family Guy” that, when you think about it, don’t add up. However, we’re not including cutaway gags. Our list includes the fact that Stewie’s parents can’t understand him even though most adults can, the fact that Lois’ parents should be much older, Lois’ accent, the fact that Brian is an atheist even though he met Jesus, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Family Guy Plot Holes You Never Noticed.

List Rank and Entries:
10. Peter & Brian Don’t Recognize Quagmire as the One Hooking Up with Loretta
9. Lois’ Accent
8. Peter Defied the Law of Gravity
7. Lois’ Parents Should Be Much Older
6. Stewie’s Parents Can’t Understand Him, Even Though Most Adults Can
5. Peter Isn’t Meg’s Biological Father, But She Supposedly Looks Like Him
4. Stewie Contracted Herpes from Brian’s Blood (Which Is Impossible)
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. Another one that came to mind was, when Peter’s children he had from donating sperm, how come there wasn’t any that had Stewie’s head shape, the only one who also had it was Bertrum

  2. Easy way to fix all these plot holes? Stewie’s time machine creating multiple universes. Remember that episode where his return pad overloading was the big bang?

  3. How about all those times during Meg’s birth, or those times Peter and Lois claimed to have loved Meg yet several flashbacks or cutaway gags show them neglecting or abandoning her as a baby. Or the one where Peter runs out of Stewie’s delivery room to throw up yet a current flashback shows him in the delivery room where Stewie and his (dead) twin Dave were born?

  4. For #4; I was expecting that’s impossible for dogs to get herpes but I’m shocked that it can’t be transferred by blood. Thanks for the health fact, Watchmojo

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