Top 10 Inventions for Lazy People
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These are without a doubt the laziest inventions. From self stirring mugs, to Selfy the Easy Bed, to an Automatic Ball Launcher, these are amazing gadgets for lazy friends. WatchMojo counts down ten inventions for lazy people.

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#10: Self-Stirring Mugs
#9: Selfy the Easy Bed
#8: Automatic Ball Thrower / Launcher
#7: Lazy Reading Glasses [aka Prism Glasses]
#6: Self-Driving Cars
#5: Dust Mop Slippers
#4: Self-Lacing Shoes
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I don’t se the iFetch as lazy. I see it as smart dog ownereship, if you work all day it helpsto keepyour dog occupied while you are busy.

  2. Motorized Ice Cream Cones are STUPID!!!!
    The best part of regular ice cream cones is eating them after tasting the ice cream scoop. THAT IS AWESOME.

  3. ok, there are ways to clean up after your dog without that ungly as hell bag, you can by a scooper like thing that looks like a cane but you can pick up the business the put it away with having to go near it. not only does it not make your dog look ungly as hell, but its easy to use and keeps you at a good distance away. I don’t personally own a thing like that but I have seen them around and thought it was a cool idea, but putting a bag over your dogs rear? if only they could see what is going on…

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