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Sadly, there are various ways people have died at work: whether it was Marie Curie being poisoned by the very elements she discovered, actor Brandon Lee being accidentally shot on set, race car driver Ayrton Senna tragically crashing his car or Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke sustaining a fatal fall during practice, some of these famous deaths have resulted from dangerous professions, while others are actors who died during production. WatchMojo counts down ten people whose causes of death were directly related to their occupations.

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00:42 #10: Sarah Burke
01:24 #9: Brandon Lee
02:01 #8: Ayrton Senna
02:46 #7: Vladimir Komarov
03:38 #6: Daniel Pearl
04:18 #5: Marie Curie
05:04 #4: Challenger Disaster Crew
05:50 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Very sketchy premise…some famous people, some not…and why Kennedy and not Lincoln? Why not every soldier who ever died in combat or otherwise? Some interesting stories…but held together by barely a thread.

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