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It’s a must-visit Eastern European gem. For this list, we’re looking at interesting facts about this nation which many foreigners may not know. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Things People From Hungary Want You to Know.
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10. Budapest Has Repurposed Ruins Into Pubs
9. They Have a Special Name for Their Unique Offerings
8. It’s Home to the Largest Synagogue in Europe
7. The Language Is . . . Tricky
6. Hungary Has Won a Large of Olympic Medals
5. The Country Has Over 1000 Natural Springs and the World’s Largest Thermal Lake
4. They Keep a Mummified Memento From Their First King in Saint Stephen’s Basilica

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  1. Big thanks to Hollywood News Agency for helping us launch WatchMojo Hungary! Check them out here: and subscribe to WatchMojo Hungary:

  2. This is a great idea, and very educatinal. I know it would take a while, but you should do one of these lists for every country, so people can leearn a little about foriegn countries 🙂 !

    • Our inventors were not irrelevant. Look at Edward teller fo example, “the father of the hydrogen bomb” (which title he did not choose neither did he like btw.) the most destructive weapon known to mankind. Totally irrelevant. To say more recent things we’re working strong in agriculture and healthcare and IT sectors. The country it self is small, there are about 15mil Hungarians that’s not that much either. But we do shape the world somewhat. Take care and blessings to you.

  3. Thank you for thinking about Hungary in your lists but…Hungary is central European. Like, it’s not an offensive mistake, but Hungary is very much in the centre of Europe and, like, if you’re doing a list about it, maybe think that through so your first sentence isn’t automatically incorrect? Other than that, thank you. It was a nice surprise 🙂

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