Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! In this worldly installment, we’re hot-footing it to explore a beautiful central European land of history that dates back to the 9th century BC. So throw on “Himnusz” as we trek through Budapest, walk the edge of the Danube, explore the former Ottoman territory, and so much more with these top ten amazing facts about Hungary.

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10. Famous faces of Hungary
9. Cuisine of Hungary
8. Hungary and Sport
7. Land of Thermal Springs
6. Hungary’s World Records
5. Wildlife in Hungary
4. The Origins of “Hungary”
3. Hungarian Names
2. Hungary’s Role in WWII
1. Hungary’s Revolutions

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  1. Greetings Hungarians! Tell us more about your beautiful country! Also, which country should we visit next!?

  2. Hungarians have got a lot of revolutions, many castles, complicated history, beautiful places and very good drinks and foods.

  3. I get sick of all this Romanians, and foreigners coming to Hungarian videos and saying disgusting, fake news… And for Romanians: Nobody cares about Transylvania and Romanians in Hungary, only a few keyboard fighter… If you Romanians have any problems with Hungarians don’t ever go to Hungary… And at least Hungary try to defend Europe, meanwhile Romanians and another foreigners just try to make everyone hate Hungarians! Pathetic.. Long live to Hungary. EUROPEANS NEED TO GIVE MORE RESPECT FOR HUNGARIAN PEOPLE!

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