Top 10 Famous People Smart Enough to Be in MENSA
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When it comes to rising to the top of the Hollywood food chain, some people just have it all. For this list, we’re looking at celebrities who have high marks in the IQ department., from Shakira, to Matt Damon & Dolph Lundgren. These stars are absolutely brilliant! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Famous People Smart Enough to Be in MENSA.

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10_ Shakira
9) Matt Damon
8) Dolph Lundgren
7) Madonna
6) Goldie Hawn
5) Nolan Gould
4) Quentin Tarantino
3), 2) & 1)???

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  1. Matt Damon is a Piece of Shit and should stay in Australia. Can’t Teach common sense to ignorant celebrities.

  2. What’s MESA

    Edit:I mean Mensa

    Edit: my IQ is probably 0

    Edit:actually my IQ caNT be 0 because I know how ti write or at least I think

    Edit : I mean to not ti

    Edit: when I saw SHAKIRA i remember the song SAHkiRa shaKiRA

    Edit: I am spelling shaKiRA right right(TO lazy to look into the video)

    Edit:everything I says no sense make right

    edit; actually no more ideas coming out of my brain

    see YOU never cause I never meet you GEET it no ok

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