Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories
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Top 10 Scary Pixar Theories

At the time of recording this video – a lot of people are getting very excited for Toy Story 4 which is set to come out this Summer – 2019. Toy Story is one of the biggest movies franchises of all time. People older than me grew up with it and there will be little kids who are about to experience Toy Story for the first time this year. Its great. We all love toy story – but how well do you know it? While I was reading about the latest movie I stumbled across some pretty strange theories about Toy Story. The more I looked – the darker they got – I thought Id pick the best 10 out for you today – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories.

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  1. Why would anyone consider Sid a villain anyway?? I mean he was a jerk to his sister but most kids are jerks to their little siblings at that age. Yeah he took apart and re put together toys but like??? He didn’t know they were alive???? Why would that be evil??

  2. What if all of the toys are just possessed my the souls of other children who had no siblings. So they posses the toys to make sure every kid has someone to play with?

  3. Andys father is off getting all the women in the town pregnant and producing more identical andy spawn, he’s too busy to appear in the movie

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