Top 10 Scariest Airplane Flights That Will Freak You Out
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Whoa!!! I’ve been on a lot of airplanes and thankfully nothing like this has ever happened to me. Actually, according to statistics, airplanes are supposed to be one of the safest modes of transportation. But this video has me thinking otherwise.

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  1. That is why I am PETRIFIED of flying… I was flying since I was 1 or something. But I am still petrified and expect me to have a panic attack during turbulence and lift off….

  2. So nobody else think that the Malaysian plane that disappeared a couple years ago shoulda been on here?

  3. What’s “Al-Gare-us?” We’re you trying to pronounce Algiers (al-JEERS) and just too ignorant and lazy to look it up?

  4. LOL! “Terrifying”…just after about @4:08, …yeah, the guy behind the camera chuckling sure screams “terrifying”. 😉

  5. I was in a plane crash when I was 4. We were flying from Atlanta to Puerto Rico. The plane ran out of fuel and we made a crash landing in the airport. It was all over Peurto Rican news. All i remember was the plane going down, a sudden violent rumbling like an earthquake, and one of the loudest sounds I’ve ever heard

  6. 9/11 is the scariest also its my parents anniversary my grandparents had their wedding when jfk got assassinated so my family picks the worst days to get married

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