Top 10 Scariest Home Videos That Will Keep You Up At Night
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

People say you are supposed to feel safe in your own home. But what happens if someone breaks in or its haunted by a violent ghost? I think the saying “home sweet home” went straight out of the window for the people on this list. So, lock your doors, burn some sage and have a priest on speed dial because we are going to jump right into

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  1. Okay, folks, as I’ve seen this clip several times in several videos, about the Barbie doll…

    Watch the clip again, paying particular attention to the “possessed” doll. Note the kid’s fingers around the doll… her THREE fingers. The fourth, her index finger, is behind the doll and she used it to move its head.

    Landon: “Why was this little girl being filmed?” Answer: the scene was staged.

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