Top 10 Kids Who Think They Are Tough On Beyond Scared Straight
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Is this real life right now, 17 yrs old and he might be in prison for the next 35 yrs. His life is gone. This is why this program is very important for these kids. I am so glad for this show beyond scared straight. It’s a program where troubled youth are sent to mostly by there parents to try and help there kids change there attitudes and behaviors around. Often these teenagers are on the path of destruction. So before these kids start to go in and out of prison for the rest of there lives living with anger and acting upon it with dangerous behaviors, beyond scared straight tries to break these kids down and teach them the life they might have if they continue. Some kids this program works for while others, well they actually end up in prison shortly after the program. So this right here is the top 10 kids who think they are tough on beyond scared straight so its time to buckle up. And if you guys want to see all the episodes on beyond scared head over to A&E on YouTube I will link to it down below. They produce the show.

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  1. I like how these guys stole from a very talented artist slimyswampghost in your Top 10 scariest picture video a week ago. Whats wrong with you guys!!!!!!!!!!

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