The Prison Life Of Albert Woodfox – Innocent Man 44 Years In Solitary Confinement
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Albert Woodfox has spent 43 years in solitary confinement. He becomes the longest- serving U.S Pisoner in solitary confined.
Just imagine being locked away in a prison cell for 43 years, for 23 hours a day with no lights, no human contacts. The only voice you can hear is the one in your mind. Solitary confinement can have psychological and physiological effects on you. This is one of the worst form of punishment. So just imagine being punished every single day of your life for 43 years and on top of this one Albert Woodfox was innocent. The sole purpose of solitary confinement is to break people but how do you break people who are innocent. What happens to the minds of the innocent? What thoughts are racing through their heads?

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  1. MORE MORE OF THIS! COOL STUFF KEEP IT UP AND no i’m not shouting by using CAPS but just stop doing (urban legends) and scary videos only

  2. That is wrong. Plain wrong. And they were in prison before my PARENTS were even born! That’s just cold.

  3. Could you please do Icelantic urban legends? … I live in Iceland.. and i wanna know if there are SUPER scary things or just… scary.. i know some Icelandic scary stories.. but if it is ok for you.. then i would not prefer to talk about them.. anyways, if you are reading this Dear: Most Amazing Top 10s .. then please reply back to me.. thank you for reading this.. those who did! 😙😥😫

  4. No amount of money or material posessions can replace what this man lost. He lost 43 years of his life, something he can never get back. He endured loneliness psychological torture for almost half a century for something he never did.

    In my opinion, what needs to happen is every member of the prosecution (including the judge who sentenced him) needs to know what it’s like to lose 43 years of _THEIR_ lives. They need to understand the torture he went through.

    But I know that will never happen nor would I expect it to. That’s what *SHOULD* happen. An eye for an eye… 43 years for 43 years.

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