Man, can’t Spidey get through more than two movies without something going wrong behind the scenes? For this list, we’re taking a look at why Sony and Marvel/Disney’s inability to reach a deal is going to hurt the Spider-Man franchise. Although actor Tom Holland is reportedly still under contract for two more Spidey movies, these future films would solely be under Sony’s control, with no connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons Spider-Man Will Suck Without the MCU.

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10. Tom Holland Can’t Play a Teenager Forever
9. It’s Going to Derail Marvel’s Plans
8. A Change of Tone Is Inevitable
7. Spidey’s Universe Just Got Smaller
6. Fans May Lose Interest Without Marvel
5. It’s Just Encouraging Disney to Buy Sony
4. Sony’s Track Record Is Hit-or-Miss

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  1. Stan Lee’s daughter said that both Sony and Marvel mistreated her/her father. Neither collectives came out when he passed….

  2. I haven’t seen something like this get such a negative public response involving Disney sense when they originally fired James Gunn from Marvel

    Because Of how big Endgame ended on such a high note for Marvel probably makes this even worst

  3. Gonna get a lot of hate, but hey, Andrew Garfield tv show? 😀 I’m like the only person ever who liked him and you could do a lot more with a show.

  4. How about instead of being negative about this. Why not make a video for 10 reasons Spider-man could be better without the MCU? Their really was no winner in this but I’d put more blame of the selfishness of Disney for being so pushing on getting MORE money. And they are keeping most of the same people for the next spiderman solo movies it just won’t have Feige as the producer. It could still very well be really good AND we could see a true Venom and Spiderman movie since they don’t need the consent of Disney! Gotta look at the positives, guys.

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