Is Tom Holland the world’s biggest WatchMojo fan? Our host Rebecca sat down with the cast of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and discovered a few celebrity fans. Plus an interview with Spider-Man, MJ, Ned Leeds and Nick Fury! Did Tom Holland really ghost Robert Downey Jr.? What cartoon character did Zendaya base MJ off of? What is Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite Nick Fury moment? All this and more in this brand new cast interview!

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  1. Rebecca: Hey Guys! Welcome to WatchMojo.

    Tom and Jacob: NO WAY!! OOHHHHHHH!!!

    Me: They’re so childish.😍

  2. Love how Tom seems tired / bored af but the moment he realizes who Rebecca is, it’s like he just returned to life out of nowhere

  3. Great video, but am I the only 1 feel the audio is abit off, the audio for the interviewee are tooo loud

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