Top 5 Theories About Spider-Man: Far from Home
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Start speculating, true believers! From field trips, to Venom cameos, to multiple dimensions, there are lots of theories about what might happen in Tom Holland’s second solo movie as Spider-Man. WatchMojo ranks the top possible theories about Spider-Man: Far from Home.

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#5: Exactly What We’ve Been Told / Led to Assume
#4: The Introduction of New Spider-People
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. One fact my iead for the untilled spider man sequel was supposed to be spider man: web warrior and another fact we wanna see scott lane and doc pime in this sequel!

  2. They’ll probably a slightly different take on the Spider-Man No More storyline, personally I’d like to see them include The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man in some form.

  3. The venom crossover would be great but I’m guessing that that will happen if the venom movie is successful enough for marvel to take an interest and tbh, id love to see tom hardy’s venom in the MCU

  4. In the video when Tom Holland got the script, he said that he doesn’t know how Spider-Man far from home if Spider-Man dies. Do you even comic bro? (He’s by dead but in the soul stone.)

  5. “Amazing Spider-Man 2 taught Sony to not shove too many characters into one film”, ahem, Spider-Man 3 anybody? Venom, Sandman, New Goblin, even shoehorned Gwen as a minor character for some pointless reason.

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