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There are companies people love, and then there are companies people worship. In this episode of WatchMojo, Rebecca Brayton discusses the top 10 companies that have not only established a loyal customer base, but a true devotion of their products and services. These include, Costco, Coca Cola, but what is number one? Watch this video to find out!

10. Coca Cola
9. Harley Davidson
8. CrossFit
7. Costco
5. Whole Foods
4. Starbucks

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  1. 2:13 you mean car enthusiasts? It’s not just motorcyclists. Cars to people who love them (such as me) feel like the car and/or bike has a personality.

  2. Love the click bait watch mojo 🙄.thought id be watching a video of obssed lovers of brands 🤔

  3. Apple is a good example. They keep giving us the same iPhone but with slightly different features and yet expect us the consumers to pay a thousand dollars for a single phone.
    And unfortunately there are people that will do this as if it were nothing.

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