Top 10 Naruto Movies
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The best films from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are all here! For todays list we’re looking at all the cinematic releases of this shonen anime legend (up to this point) including the escapades of his son, Boruto.
Expect the likes of Road to Ninja Naruto the Movie, Boruto: Naruto the movie, The Last Naruto the Movie, and more to appear along the way. Which anime series movies should we rank next: Dragon Ball Z? Bleach? Let us know in the comments below!

#10. “Naruto the Movie Legend of the Stone of Gelel” (2005)
#9. “Naruto Shippuden the Movie” (2007)
#8. “Naruto Shippuden the Movie Bonds” (2008)
#7. “Naruto the Movie Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow” (2004)
#6. “Naruto Shippuden the Movie The Will of Fire” (2009)
#5. “Naruto Shippuden the Movie The Lost Tower” (2010)
#4. “Naruto the Movie Blood Prison” (2011)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Y’all pretending like you’ve NEVER seen Super Sentai Ninja Mangekyo Sharingan Ultimate Shippuden! It’s one of the greatest movies of all time.

  2. I still remember when they used a video game description for an amusement park video

  3. blood prison was so fucked up 4 naruto his friends knew he was innocent gave the enemy what they need to open a deadly threat  that one the world and got naruto to killed and they couldn’t do shit to save him lucky that girl gave her life to save him in the and end road to ninja sakura was by far the worst friend/teammate in that movie

  4. The Last was good but is mainly a fan service for the ship. The scenes, the action, the movie as a whole, is nowhere near better than Boruto the movie. That one is a class above the rest. Clearly y’all don’t really watch these movies when making this list

  5. the only enjoyable Naruto movies were just the first 2, then the rest boring boring boring boring naruto boruto movie

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