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Top 10 Deadpool Jabs At Other Superheroes
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Deadpool pulls no punches when it comes to making fun of other superheroes. That’s why they call him the Merc with the Mouth! These are the most savage jabs Deadpool has ever thrown at his fellow super-folk.

Who’s better: Deadpool or Deathstroke?

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List Rank and Entries
#10: Green Lantern
#9: Heroes for Hire
#8: Thor
#7: Iron Man
#6: Thanos
#5: The X-Men
#4: Spider-Man
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. WatchMojo, you should have Deadpool-uh, i mean “ryan reynolds” do the voice-over on one of these top 10 countdowns

  2. It’s seriously jarring hearing Ron Stoppable’s voice coming out of Deadpool in Ultamite Spider-Man

  3. This list was pretty cool but I don’t understand how you guys could leave out WOLVERINE!!! It’s like you guys saw him as such an obvious choice that you forgot!!!

  4. Okay WatchMojo… the video is titled: Top 10 Deadpool Jabs At Other Superheroes… Key word being Other here… Jabs at himself shouldn’t count in my opinion…

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