Top 10 Bleach Fight Scenes
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These are some of Ichigo Kurosaki’s greatest battles from this iconic anime series. From the Soul Society to the Espada, and of course some classic clashes with the villainous Aizen – this video is going to cover it all. Expect Ulquiorra, Byakuya, and some Quincy fellas to appear along the way. And if you’d like to see some videos about fights from other shonen shows like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, or My Hero Academia – let us know in the comments below.

#10. Ichigo vs Renji
#9. Ishida vs Mayuri
#8. Starrk vs Shunsui
#7. Aizen vs Everyone
#6. Ichigo vs Kenpachi
#5. Ichigo vs Grimmjow
#4. Ichigo vs Ginjo
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. ichigo vs byakuya. Not only first time we saw Ichigo’s Bankai, but first time we see the true power of Zangetsu’s getsuga tenshou.

  2. 1)Ichigo vs Ulqiorra
    2)Kenpachi vs Nnoitra
    3)Ichigo vs Aizen
    4)ichigo vs Grimmjow
    5)Starkk Vs Shinsui
    6) Soi Fen , Omaida and Hachigen vs Barragan
    7) ichigo vs byakuya
    8) ichigo vs kenpachi
    9) yamamoto vs Wendeirweiss
    10) Gin vs Ichigo

  3. Yes this was so great I know that bleach will return to do its final arc the year of returning anime is now and next year

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