Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto

The two biggest series in shonen history. Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, with its cast of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Trunks, is known as one of the greatest anime of all time. Naruto and its Shippuden sequel, seems to be following the same path. But which of these shows is the best?

We’re taking into account the characters, story, setting, fight scenes, music, and more in this edition of WatchMojo Versus. So whether you want to be Hokage or compete in the Budokai tournament, maybe you’ll enjoy this one.

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  1. So many DBZ fanboys… “Naruto is a ripoff of Dbz” – Sure… cause Naruto
    has known for its dumbass plot and its screams. I don’t even care about
    anyone’s backstory in DB and so do you… Come on, even Bardock was evil
    and would kill the people on earth, you don’t even need backstory/plot
    cause it’s full of screams and power ups out of the blue (“SSJ3 was Goku’s
    best form for years, what should we do in order to make the fans love DB? I
    know, make him a god and boost his power once again! SSJG SSJB SSJB2”)

    I’ve been watching Dbz but, unlike some of you, I’ve grown a little bit. I
    seek for a story WITH A PLOT not some op characters that are stronger than
    any other and cannot die (even the deaths in DBZ/S are pointless cause you
    are not really dead).

    Btw, watchmojo, do you get paid to put DBZ as the first place in freaking
    every video?

  2. Here comes the narutards who still think naruto can beat Goku.. dumbest fan
    base under the sun

  3. I don’t agree with this video, Naruto is better for me, its not like i hate
    dbz just naruto is more serious anime than dbz. Naruto has way better
    story, its more complicated sure but its great when you understand it and a
    little bit more relastic than dbz. Dbzs story is more straightforward like
    they said in video. Cmon but dbz is watching a bunch of kids of 7,8 years
    old, on the other hands naruto is not watchable by everybody because its
    hard to understand and battles are more tense than dbz. In dbz i kinda
    always know that is going to win a good guy, in naruto sure it happens of
    course that good guys are need to win but there happens also that good guys
    dies also, very important characters, in dbz you can just call the dragon
    and bring them back to life that means almost everybody can die and then
    they come back what in naruto cant be done and it gives you more excitement

  4. naruto all day cunt naruto in sage mod he beat pain and pain has the
    ducking rinnagan boy.

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