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Top 10 Most Terrifying Mythical Creatures
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Let’s all just thank our lucky stars that these things DON’T actually exist. From Hellbound, to Chimera, to the Dybbuk, these creatures are nightmare fuel. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Terrifying Mythical Creatures.

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#10. Hellhound
#9. Chimera
#8. Dybbuk
#7. Dragon
#6. Kraken
#5. Incubus / Succubus
#4. Werewolves
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. What about the Hecatonchieres? 50 arms? 50 heads?? Capable of hurdling boulders the size of MOUNTAINS same size as the Titans

  2. this is more like ‘the most terrifying mythical creatures for people who don’t know mythical creatures’ … seriously, try some of these – skin walkers, the blob, demons, ANY Japanese mythical monsters – Irish folklore monsters like kelpie … Maybe relist this as “the 8 most well known mythical creatures and these 2 we thought were pretty cool” … idk

  3. Pretty much all Celtic/Irish mythology. Balor, Banshees but most importantly The Dullaghan, which kills you by saying your name, has a whip made out of a human spine that is used to whip peoples eyes out. Rides a dead horse or a carriage made of human bone and it was the inspiration for the headless horseman.

  4. Or Jormungandr! The Midgard serpant whose body spans the whole of the earth and with a release if it’s tail it’ll end the world. Or the Draugr, norse dead said to maintain both the wit and battle prowess of their living selves but much stronger.

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