Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Isn’t it a good feeling to know that the ungodliest of creatures we cover in our mythology series are exactly that – myths and impossibilities? Not to burst your bubble of flowers and puppies, but it turns out that some of those fabled beasts may have existed in some shape or form. Were they the nightmarish or gigantic fiends we know them as? Now is just a good a time as any to find out!

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10. Bunyip
9. Kappa
8. Imoogi
7. Chupacabra
6. Werewolves
5. Black Shuck
4. Roc
3. Satyr
2. Vampires
1. Zombies

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  1. I love all your videos and I enjoy mythical creatures of all kinds as long as I don’t encounter them. But why oh why can’t unicorns be real???

    • You deserve a medal for noticing so quickly, hah! Sadly, we had to delete about 30 videos last night in response to the adpocalypse, since they were deemed “too risky” for YouTube. We noticed that YouTube essentially “turned off” recommending those videos, so we figured it’s best not to have them.. :/

  2. How about a top 10 mythical demons and spirits of the Caribbean. As a child growing up my mom use to tell my siblings and I lost of stories she experienced in her childhood

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