Top 3 Things You Missed in Westworld Season 2 Ep. 2
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Westworld season 2 episode 2 “Reunion” was a great episode, and we’ve got your Westworld breakdown right here. There are already lots of new Westworld theories to talk about, like the Westworld immortality theory, and who the real baddie for Westworld is. Of course there were lots of great Westworld secrets and easter-eggs to discover as well, so join as we explore some of the things you may have missed.

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  1. 4:07 A vital clue as to dolores intentions. “It’s not a place, it’s a weapon” She’s refering to the gigantic earth movers that dug out the mountain ranges in west world. She will use those earth movers to take on the 800+ humans at the rally point IMO. Hence the repeat of the phrase “Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor” Said multiple times during the episode and most importantly during the scene when william showed her the gigantic earth movers.

    Dolores also mentioned right at the end of the episode, an old friend (William) was foolish enough to show me long ago. and it’s not a place it’s a weapon, she’s talking about the gigantic earth movers is my guess. Opinions?

  2. Yo if it’s true that Delos is trapped inside Abernathy’s body, this show will become my favourite

  3. i would like to add that they have a VERY good understanding of music in this show… the part where Delos says “anything but fucking Chopin” reeeeeeaaally makes you know that he is a bad guy 🙂

  4. The androids are going to weaponize the big earth-movers. The androids located in the water are a trap. The androids operating the earth-movers are “off-the-grid” and can’t be detected by the park. Ford already had the androids who were. So converting the rebelling androids to be “invisible” wouldn’t be that difficult. I suspect he’s masterminding the uprising or at least a part of it.

    I think the timelines will converge at the moment the 700 strong response team converges on the inland sea full of bodies and the androids begin their main attack.

  5. I wish the title of that video would make it clear that you’re making theories that can turn out to be spoilers.
    I love watchmojo but the title is misleading here.

  6. One thing EVERYBODY missed was Tricia Helfer from BSG walking by Dolores as she played piano.

  7. These timelines are somewhat confusing to me. By the time William and his father-in-law invest in the park, is Arnold already dead?

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