Top 10 Differences Between Infinity War Movie And Comic
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Avengers: Infinity War was a critical and financial hit, and certainly one of the best movies in the MCU to date. While it certainly borrowed heavily from the comic book story arc “Infinity Gauntlet” the writers make some key changes that had a significant impact on the story as a whole. Here are some of the biggest changes.

List Rank and Entries
#10: The Name
#9: Silver Surfer
#8: No Adam Warlock
#7: Roster of Heroes
#6: Stormbreaker
#5: The Endings
#4: The Black Order
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. The main difference is the movie has NO cosmic entities. The Infinity Gauntlet comic had Eternity, Death, Master Order, Lord Chaos, Galactus, The Stranger, Love, Hate, The Watcher, The Living Tribunal, Epoch, Kronos, Celestials- One Above All and Ziran the Tester. Even Mephisto the demon. An entire issue #5 was a cosmic battle against Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, minus the Watcher and Living Tribunal.

  2. Read the book, saw the movie, believe it or not, I liked the movie better, the book is great too don’t get me wrong

  3. I wish The Russo Bros could make a Thanos solo movie like (Thanos Rising Comic). Show everybody how he became The Mad Titan from birth to now.

  4. Can’t wait for part 2
    But it wasn’t sad seeing some characters die because we already know they ain’t dead 100%….but spider man ….ok u got me

  5. I mean, the movie was amazing but the comic Infinity Gauntlet and the lead up, Thanos Quest literally shits on the entire film.

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