Top 3 Things You Missed in the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2!
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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2 has dropped – and there’s lots more to see! Action. Adventure. Thanos taking on the Avengers. Witty banter between Chris Pratt and Robert Downey Jr. But most importantly: which Avenger will die in Infinity War? Captain America? Doctor Strange? Thor? This trailer may have some clues… In this Infinity War trailer breakdown, WatchMojo counts down 3 easter eggs from Avengers Infinity War trailer #2 that you might have missed.

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  1. I KNOW it’s not vison because the mind stone gives him his power,not his life,also u can see him in the back of one trailer where u see vison,but not glowing forhead

  2. War machine better not die, he better fire all weapons and kill a lot of those 4 armed cat creatures. He’s had 4 suits only, counting one in infinity war. So at least get to 5 or more.

  3. From the people that said Thor Ragnarok was going to be Thor vs a Cyborg, let’s see if they caught something I didn’t

  4. I’m confused re: the last one… How do you miss something in the trailer when it wasn’t shown?

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