Top 5 Ways Infinity War Changed the MCU Forever
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In what could be described as the biggest movie event of the past few years, all of our favorite Marvel heroes including Iron Man, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. With all these superheroes in one place, you better believe there were some franchise shifting moments, including the now iconic Thanos snap and a nod to Captain Marvel.

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#5: Thor’s Got a New Weapon
#4: Saving Tony Stark
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. Something that has changed in the MCU is that now everyone knows each other. Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers.

  2. I still can’t believe Marvel did this! They actually killed off Peter! 😭😭😭(crying) and Bucky too! Out of everyone in the whole movie those are the two I wanted to survive. And to make it worst that’s where they decided to end it!!!! And now we have to wait even longer to see how this whole disaster is resolved!!! Oh man how are May and Ned going to react. And I swear they better be alive😡 And seriously they start the movie with Tony talking about wanting a son and ends up losing the one he had! And forcing Wanda to kill her own boyfriend! And after all the crap Steve and Bucky went through! Bucky has gone through hell and now after he’s finally healed all those wounds and Steve FINALLY gets his best friend back they take him away again! Can these two ever catch a break! And Are. You. Freakin. Kidding Me! Groot! You guys killed Groot! 🤬 And Don’t even try pulling the sympathy cards with Thanos “morning” over the “loss” of his daughter who was never even his real daughter! Everyone who saw the movie heard Quill say “Stepfather!” Clear as day! And that bastard was the one who killed her! He MURDERED HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!! And for what?! A stupid rock! Well congratulations dude you may have killed your daughter but at least you got a rock. Oh! And let’s not forget the fact you tortured your other daughter. Oh yeah Dad of the year. And what the freakin hell T’Challa! They killed Freakin Black Panther and we don’t even know if his sister is still alive! I swear Marvel she better be! And one last thing what the hell was up with the Hulk! The world was being attacked and his friends killed and he was just being a stubborn coward not wanting to come out and fight. “Aww what’s wrong you get your ass beat and now you’re too chicken to come out and fight?” It’s pretty clear who has the bigger balls of the body and it’s not the Hulk. Now what if it was Betty oh wait that’s right you ditched her for Natasha. No wonder Ross hates you. (Taking deep breathes) ok I think I’m all good. Why Marvel why!!!!!😫😫😫 And I swear Captain Marvel better find a way to bring every single person, Peter especially back to life and beat the hell out of Thanos for murdering our Spider-Baby! (Another deep breath) Ok. Now I’m good.

    P.S. I feel some much better now I’ve been holding in that little rant since I’ve watched the movie.😌
    One more plus: I’m not usually this mean but sometimes this side of me just comes out and I just couldn’t hold it back anymore.

  3. all of the people that died in infinity war are in the soul stone and they manage to get out because of doctor strange

  4. Did Thanos really wipe half the universe or just half of every race in the universe? I mean half of every race is not half the universe right? Or am I wrong?

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