Top 10 Creepy Christmas Gift Stories
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Top 10 Scary Christmas Urban Legends

Today we return to Reddit to hear real stories from real people about the Christmases where they got given gifts that made their skin crawl. You’ve all probably had good gifts and some not so good gifts – but have you ever been given a gift that just freaked you out? I mean it disturbed you – maybe it became a funny story for years to come – that kind of thing? Well if you cant remember, perhaps these stories will jog your memory – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Creepy Christmas Gift Stories.

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  1. When I saw Danny’s shirt, I immediately thought of Blue’s Clues’ Steve, but on a slow day at the Blue’s Clues house.

  2. Oh no. Grandparents buying underwear is not nearly as creepy as your mother best friend and her husband buying you lingerie sets at 15 years old and asking you jokingly (hopefully) to model them. Happened to me. No joke. I never wore them. They stayed in the box they came in and i ended up giving them to a friend a year later because she is smaller than me. Never told her where i got the sets from.

  3. I had a dream that two airplanes crashed over top of me then when i went outside a cessna and a southwest b737 nearly crashed into each other

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