Top 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Religious

These celebrities are devoted to their religion, though it may not be known to public. All aspects of the lives of actors, actresses, musicians, singers, rappers, talk show hosts and other famous personalities is constantly caught by the paparazzi and tabloid agencies. But, some like Orlando Bloom, Mike Tyson, Brandon Flowers, and even Alice Cooper himself keep their faith private! Comedians such as Chris Tucker, Norm MacDonald and Dave Chappelle also make this list of religious celebrities that may surprise you!

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00:43 #10. Beck
01:47 #9. Mike Tyson
02:45 #8. Orlando Bloom
03:35 #7. Mark Wahlberg
04:29 #6. Brandon Flowers
05:31 #5. Prince
06:38 #4. Dave Chappelle
07:39 #3, #2. & #1. ????

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  1. Now do celebrities you didn’t know were atheists:
    Billy Joel
    Julianne Moore
    James Cameron
    Woody Allen
    Keira Knightley
    John Malkovich
    Brad Pitt
    Person Welles
    Gene Wilder
    Daniel Craig
    Peter Fonda
    Jodie Foster
    Larry King
    Bruce Lee
    Sir Ian McKellen
    Joaquin Phoenix
    Daniel Radcliffe
    Andy Rooney
    Rob Reiner
    Stanley Kubrick
    Phyllis Diller
    Kevin Bacon
    Jack Black
    Randy Newman
    Charlie Parker

  2. Why did you say Mark Wahlberg’s life took “Dark turns” Whilst showing a
    scene in Ted where they’re smoking weed? Weed is such a terrible dark turn
    for Marky Mark holy shit guys watch out

  3. All those celebs and not a single mention of a Jew? Andy Samberg, Steven
    Spielberg, Natalie Portman, Jack Black … I know that being a Jew and
    being Jewish are two different things but…

  4. am i the only one surprised there where no Jews on this list? where you
    afraid associating Jews and Hollywood would be offensive?

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