Top 10 Celebrities Who Just Shouldn’t Use
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Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters per tweet, so how do these celebrities manage to embarrass themselves, offend others, and get themselves caught up in a war of words with other celebrities (or fans, for that matter)? All we know is that while these people should be banned from Twitter for their own sake, it makes for entertaining reads for us! Donald Trump, Azealia Banks, Chris Brown, Jason Biggs and more feature!

00:27 #10. Anthony Weiner
01:14 #9. Rob Kardashian
01:49 #8. 50 Cent
02:21 #7. CM Punk
02:58 #6. Jason Biggs
03:34 #5. Chris Brown
04:09 #4. Jaden Smith
04:43 #3, #2. & #1. ????

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  1. Man why couldn’t we have an Hispanic Female president besides Obama became the first African-American President why not have an Latina be one like literally the election was shit everyone admit it nobody like the people who were running for president only the people who were not in the right mind and Racist bastards Yelling “BUILD THE WALL” STUPID RACIST MOTHERFUCKERS US LATINOS IN THE US ARE WORKING OUR ASSES OFF FOR YOU AND YOUR ALL LIKE BUILD A WALL LIKE WHAT THE FUCK

  2. came to dislike because trump was number 1, fuck the salty crying libels still blaming Russia just because they know Killary was a flawed candidate

  3. trump shouldn’t be #1, and how come you guys made a top 10 reasons Trump being a bad president, but not Hillary.

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