Top 10 Celebrities Who Stay Out of the Spotlight

These celebrities are rich, famous, and hate the spotlight on them! Just because they are well known, doesn’t mean that they enjoy it! We’re not saying they don’t like the benefits of being famous, but they also don’t appreciate the paparazzi and try to lead a relatively normal life. These celebrities span the singer of Skyfall, the leading man from Man on fire, the singer of Elastic Heart and Chandeliers, a certain Han Solo from Star Wars, Dave Chappelle (or is it Rick James?), and even one of the best method actors – let alone actors – of all time!

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00:49 #10. Sia Furler
02:15 #9. Julia Roberts
03:17 #8. Denzel Washington
04:16 #7. Harrison Ford
05:30 #6. Frank Ocean
06:34 #5. Adele
08:02 #4. Daft Punk
09:10 #3, #2 and #1 ????

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  1. Denzel Washington is friends with Ethan Hawke. Though maybe neither one of
    them considers themselves to be actors, which is probably a good thing. I
    can tolerate Tom Hanks or Anthony Hopkins considering themselves to be
    actors. But for 99% of them they are just people that acted in some movies.
    I’ve written several comic books, but I don’t consider myself a comic book
    writer. Alan Moore and Frank Miller are the world’s comic book writers,
    maybe Mark Millar or Geoff Johns also make the cut. The rest of us just
    happen to have written a few comic books.

  2. where is j Cole at, hè is the definition of lowkey, in a year hè got
    married to his girl. got a child and producer and announced a week before
    the publication of his latest album

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