Top 10 Brutally Difficult Realistic Games
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While most video games cater to a more casual audience, there are still plenty of games that go in the opposite direction and strive for authenticity. This list focuses on games that have their realistic mechanics providing the bulk of the challenge. Seriously, it’s probably easier to do some of these things in real life.

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List Entries and Rank:
10) Spintires (2014)
9) Stranded Deep (2015)
8) Kingdom Come: Deliverance (2018)
7) Dangerous Waters (2005)
6) SWAT 4 (2005)
5) Insurgency (2014)
4) This War of Mine (2014)
3, 2, and 1: ???

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  1. The music sounds fimilar from spyro… the character from the music is Sgt… I don’t remember the other name of the bird.

  2. ARMA 3 in a nutshell

    Realistic server: thinks they are fighting Islamic State

    Normal server: Mindless imbeciles running everywhere

  3. Could’ve at lead shown the original Operation Flashpoint….. you know, where you had nothing on the screen, you have to pull out a compass and read a map to know where to get. No antlers on screen to babysit you and hold your hand.

  4. You could have mentioned Ark survival Evolved because that game may have dinosaurs but the survival aspect is definitely more realistic than Stranded Deep

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