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Top 10 Most Difficult Sports
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Have you got the skills required to play? From soccer, to baseball/softball, to gymnastics, these sports are harder than they may appear… WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Difficult Sports.

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#10. Football [aka Soccer]
#9. Baseball / Softball
#8. Gymnastics
#7. Tennis
#6. Martial Arts
#5. Wrestling
#4. Basketball
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. If we’re talking making the elite it’s gotta be Tennis followed by MMA in my opinion

  2. It’s just football, not aka soccer. Get it right, and not call some shitty game you play with hands and running around and calling it American football, but it should be called as rugby easy mode.

  3. sorri but i played football and waterpolo, waterpolo is way harder, try to stay out of water with just your shoulder using just ur legs. without mention everything else!

  4. Rugby? 80 minutes of running and tackling with nothing to protect you? Especially in 7’s rugby

  5. I wrestle and play football and wrestling is hands down a harder sport and way harder to train for

  6. No was Wrestling is only 5th you guys have been making to many WWE videos because if you think American football is harder than wrestling, then you’ve never tried either

  7. Really no rugby. Honestly i thought that would have been #1. Hockey, Foot ball and Rugby where my top 3

  8. Tlachtli a Mesoamerican ball game circa at least 1400 BC where people hit a crude rubber ball (4kg) with their hips through a elevated stone goal the shape of the ball, losing team regularly ended up as the human sacrifice. That’s sports.

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