Top 10 Biggest Changes in Dragon Ball Super: Broly
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With the release of the new Dragon Ball Super Movie, we’re taking a look at the major differences between it and the original, “Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan” film. This movie obviously takes place after the TV Anime and the Tournament of Power Arc so it is radically different from the original especially in its portrayal as the overpowered villain Broly. We’re taking into account all moments and scenes like Kakarot vs Broly, Vegeta vs Broly, The Fusion Dance, Freiza kills Paragus, Piccolo Cameo, and of course, Gogeta vs Broly.
Get ready for all the fights in this awesome Super Saiyan Showdown!

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#10. Timeline Placement
#9. Goku No Longer Left Earth as a Baby
#8. Broly Doesn’t Kill Paragus
#7. Bardock’s Origin Story
#6. Vegeta Actually Puts Up A Fight
#5. The Source of Broly’s Power
#4. Broly’s Hatred
#3. A New Beginning for Gogeta
#2, #1: ???

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    • The original Broly made no sense and was evil just because he was mad
      They set him up perfectly in this movie to be a recurring character or even a new God of Destruction

    • I thought it was interesting. I like Broly as a more fleshed out character. I did think the fight scenes were about as Japanese as you can get. There was screaming in the background and I couldn’t tell if it was the characters or the fight music doing it. Overall it was good, but let’s be honest we all knew the Legendary Saiyan was coming out of it with a green girl friend

  1. I really did love Brolys character, he’s a great character and I can’t wait to see how they use him in the continuation of Dragon Ball Super

  2. My favorite part was when Goku and Vegeta absolutely dicked Frieza when the led Broly to him and were just like “good luck!” before teleporting tf outta there

  3. The only thing i missed in the new movie is broly screaming kakarot and asparagus dying by broly

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