Top 10 Dragon Ball Fusion Scenes (ft. Rocco Botte of Mega64)
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Today we’ll be guided through DBZ and DB Super’s greatest fusion scenes by Mega64’s Rocco Botte. Wanna see him turn into a Super Saiyan? Maybe next time, because for now he’ll be counting down iconic scenes including Vegeto, Gogeta, Zamasu, Gotenks, Piccolo, Android 17, Kefla…and even Gokule.
A list of the greatest dragon ball fusions? Could be real. So put on your Potara earring or do your silly dance.

and while you’re at it why not check out Mega64’s channel where they’ve got some awesome skits as well as parodies of your favourite anime and video games:
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#10. Enter Kefla
#9. Two 17s Are Better Than One
#8. The Super Namekian Is Born
#7. Saiyan Versus Dragon
#6. Back in Blue
#5. Piccolo Gets PUMPED
#4. The “Hero of Justice” is Born
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. If they had just waited one more week we would’ve heard the English dub of vegeto vs Zamasu

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