These are some of the scariest moments in anime. Death, gore, fear, decapitation, dismemberment, murder, mass genocide – it’s all here. We’re looking at anime series like Barefoot Gen, Tokyo Ghoul, Deadman Wonderland, Future Diary, Higurashi When They Cry, Kaiji, Berserk, Re:Zero, Parasyte, Psycho-Pass, Elfen Lied, Wicked City, Akira, Monster, and more to find the anime scenes that are downright terrifying.

00:43 #10. The Spider Woman
01:20 #9. Lucy’s Rampage
02:02 #8. Street Kill
02:55 #7. NERV Gets Tanged
03:38 #6. Mother and Son
04:18 #5. Rem’s Torture
04:59 #4. The Eclipse
05:44 #3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. That scene in helsing when alucard shows his dark form and summons hellhounds that eat a guy alive

  2. Here we go, this has a clip of Barefoot Gen (sorry it’s 2 GotF to 1 BfG) as well as other disturbing clips from animes (none from Hotaru no Haka, that says alot). Guess where Gen is on this list? No susprise…

    There are other shows and such (I believe they were Resident Evil 02, Sin, Air TV, Tenchi Muyo! and Disater Report/Raw Danger. Might be more) I thought of while watching but they aren’t quite enough to make this list or be honorable mention. Like Sailor Moon had ‘deaths’, espically Sailor Moon losing her daughter, but the characters came back later unless I’m missing something… (most that didn’t were evil anyway)

    Now while I am against atomic, nuclear, biological etc as weapons, in a war espically a total war, they will most likely be used. So while it’s debatable if this ended the war (imho it didn’t, the Soviets entering and invasion plus a failed milltary coup by pro war side did), and we can agree or disagree on use, the fact of the matter is it was going to happen under any sinario (what really happened or Althernative History that includes an invasion by Allies alone or with Soviets) as the majority of people involved wanted to do tests to see how they worked (they only had 2 I think but might have made and delived more is possible), racism (inspired by Pearl Harbor) played a role, and they were already bombing for invasion that killed more. In the end, no matter what you think, happened, or could have been, this was to be (just like 2011 earthquake + tsunami).

    Lastly, I’ll end on this note:

    Grave of the Fireflies: Refugees (by war or other matters) of the past (like WW2 and fleeing Comminism ish, ironic Hungary and other former commie countries are now not taking people in…) and currently espically in the case of Syria and Yemen.

    Barefoot Gen: Refugees of the future and due to climate change, especially in the case of sea level rising causes island countries to sink or become near/totally uninhabitable (simular to a atomic blast almost but to some degree, worse).

  3. Akita will always stay with me. I first watched it when I was like 3, 4, 5 years old, my dad showed it to me and that bit where tetsuo mutates scared me for years

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