Dragon Ball Z Celebrations? Top 10 Stories from NFL Week 4 – WTFootball
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If you win a game and no one is there to see it, did it really happen? The LA Chargers answer that question. Join TJ Carpenter in exploring the top 10 stories from Week 4 of the NFL season. From rising QB’s like Mahomes and Trubisky to not rising QB’s like Josh Allen.

And does anyone play defense anymore? This is WTFootball!

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  1. Okay, I’ve been pretty tired lately of the obvious ‘progressiveness’ of this channel. I was aware, I didn’t let it bother me. Until now, keep politics out of this. Anyways, unsubbed.

  2. Lol WTF is this? This guy is about as charasmatic as those other idiots I stopped watching ESPN over.

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