What would happen if a Walking Dead style uprising really took place? Would it actually be like the movies??

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  1. Radiation Zombies, that’s STALKER.
    Space Zombies, that’s DOOM and Dead Space.
    Pathogen Zombies, well those have been in every zombie film since 2002.

  2. Easy bash the first zombies brain in so it can’t spread the infection if it’s one of those mutated cow kind of thing shut down the city and burn all the meat and I know this is ffd up but kill everyone in the city by sending a team of soldiers in hasmat suits in a burn the body’s

  3. nukes are the absolutely worst possible tool against zombies a government could think of using!
    should the radiation, heat and pressure of the blast not kill all the reason for the zombies’ existence (viruses, bacteria, black magic, etc.) that stuff will end up with the radioactive ash traveling to higher altitudes, causing a much wider, possibly global spread of the zombification cause. you went from a simple outbreak to a nationwide if not global pandemic with no end in sight.
    catch them (only kill them if absolutely necessary, then properly decontaminate the entire area of the zombie kill and transportation of the dead dead), dump them into large concrete basins, fill those up with concrete and make sure that there are no cracks developing that could allow the cause to spread out of the cause.
    if you’re lucky, whatever caused the zombies will die after some time (could be centuries), if not, hope that you’re long dead when the outbreak reappears.

  4. in reality their would probably be very little government intervention much like floods and fire disaster (FEMA). because most of the work would be taken care of localy.

  5. Depends
    Are they the slow walking dead type
    The fast 28 days later type
    Or the ridiculously overpowered and unrealistic world war z type?

  6. If you don’t already believe that the zombie apocalypse is in full swing then you might not be aware that both Dummies and Retards are working in a very bipartisan manner to bankrupt America with titanic debt, just as they have been doing for several decades, while the dumbed down masses of zombies are essentially milling about, doing the same things over and over, while expecting different results.

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