Top 10 Craziest Reveals in Fyre & Fyre Fraud
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It was the event of a generation… and it didn’t even happen. For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the wildest moments and insane insights into this truly bizarre flop of a festival. We will be taking a deep dive into these highly acclaimed documentaries, so spoilers are inevitable. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Craziest Reveals from “Fyre” and “Fyre Fraud”.

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10. Fyre Fest’s Looters
9. Comment Censorship
8. Lost Keys
7. Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Post
6. Cashless Wristbands
5. Escobar Island
4. Everything About Grant Margolin

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  1. 9:15 yes, the guy is certifiably insane ha ha. I hate scam artists like that. Inexcusably No way to run a business like that

  2. Just watched the Netflix one today…wow. I’m not much of a Netflix and chill person but this documentary was intriguing, outrageous and definitely worth seeing. Sucks for most of the well intentioned people involved with setting up this garbage misfire of a “festival” and it’s a proper how to not waste money in the real world sort of thing to 18 and over music buffs. the cast away memes were pretty funny though and the cheese sandwich picture was just as scary as anything else…

  3. Why…why would he suck a guy off? Why not just fine $500 or something? That would probably work better than that.

  4. When a bunch of spoiled rich gay men and bimbo girls don’t get what they want, they steal the pillows from tents of other people, just to show their power.

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