How to RUIN a Movie: Deus Ex Machina – Troped!

You’ve heard the name, you’ve seen it done a thousand times, now find out what Deus Ex Machina means, where it comes from, and why this trope keeps showing up. In this episode of WatchMojo’s Troped, we’ll be delving deep into the long history of this trope, from its roots in Ancient Greece to Shakespeare to The Lord of the Rings and Superman: The Movie! We’ll take a closer look at the different ways this trope has existed in pop culture and ask the age-old question: is Deus Ex Machina always a bad thing?

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  1. I think War of the Worlds is a great example of how to do it right because
    it is something, within the context of the world we live in, that is
    plausible. I have a problem with it when it’s the perfectly time random
    entrance of a character trying, which saves the day.

  2. Jurassic Park ending its not Deus Ex Machina its the T-Rex reminding the
    raptors that he is king and they are his bitches.

  3. Anyone who has read The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells will surely agree
    that the ending is not Deus Ex Machina.

  4. I wouldnt call Gandalf and the Eagles a deas ex machina, since they were at
    the battle of the black gate within rescuing distance and watched the
    mountain explode, showing they knew Frodo had succeeded.

  5. I cant really consider Han saving the day in A New Hope to be a Deus Ex. He
    had a change of heart when leaving, he knew where they would be and he went
    there to help. Yeah he showed up at a very critical moment, but we have
    those happen in real life out of random chance. So I cant really consider
    it to be one.

  6. I could use a deus ex machina right now with some money from my
    mysteriously dead great granddad or a decent job offer or a bunch of
    benevolent fans whom are empathetic to my situation lolol

    NEW TRACK!!! “People Over Profit” by Con Rome feat. The Ultimate Rage &
    T.J. Love

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