Top 10 Anime for Horror Fans
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If you’re a fan of horror movies, television, or books then you’ll probably enjoy these anime shows. In this list we’re looking at shows like Tokyo Ghoul, Elfen Lied, Higurashi: When They Cry, Highschool of the Dead, Umineko, Another, Berserk, Parasyte, and Hell Girl. These shows are a must-watch for anyone who’s interested in horror franchises like Alien, Friday 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Paranormal Activity, Saw, and Final Destination.

00:43 #10. “Paranoia Agent”
01:33 #9. “Hellsing Ultimate”
02:22 #8. “Corpse Party Tortured Souls”
03:04 #7. “Shiki”
03:45 #6. “When They Cry” a.k.a “Higurashi”
04:42 #5. “Terra Formars”
05:30 #4. “Monster”
06:15 #3. “Tokyo Ghoul” (2014 – 15)
07:04 #2. “Another” (2012)
HM “Hell Girl” (2005-06)
HM “Berserk” (2016)
HM “Highschool of the Dead” (2010)
08:13 #1. “Parasyte” (2014 – 15) –

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  1. Honestly, there are much gorier, scarier horror-based animes than these.
    Violence Jack, Gantz, Blood-C… even Akira (though it’s not a series) has
    better horror elements than a number of these and doesn’t need to
    constantly have gore.
    I’ve seen all of these anime, and while they are good, yes, I’ve definitely
    seen a few that are better suited for the top spot than Parasyte. :P

  2. Did Higurashi get re-dubbed? Or have I just not watched that crappy-ass dub
    in so many years I’ve forgotten what they’re voices sound like?

  3. Tokyo Ghoul should’ve been way further down on the list. Just because it
    generated some hype during its release, doesn’t make it good “horror”
    While for the most part I agree with what’s on this list (not necessarily
    the order) I would actually remove Tokyo Ghoul and replace it with
    Shinsekai Yori or “From the New World” as its known in English, as it has a
    much more interesting story in my opinion.I would also give an honorable
    mention to Deadman Wonderland as well as Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.
    But hey, this is just my opinion.

  4. I wasn’t that impressed with Another. It had a lot of suspense but it fell
    victim to the usual horror cliche of, “well why don’t they just deal with
    things like, idk, anybody with a brain would? Oh yeah, we wouldn’t have
    much of a show then.” Not to mention the ending is ridiculously stupid and
    unintentionally hilarious but in a very frustrating way and the final
    reveal completely makes you facepalm. 🙁 Actually, I take that back, I
    REALLY wasn’t impressed with Another. :(

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