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DC Comics’ history of reboots is elaborate and concluded, but have things gone too far? From Crisis on Infinite Earth’s to the New 52 and now Rebirth, what matters and what doesn’t? Can Rebirth even be explained? How many different universes does DC have? How many Supermans are there? Why does DC keep rebooting? Join WatchMojo as we explore DC’s different continuities and try to make sense of it all, and figure out if the universe can be saved.

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  1. DC’s comic books are doing fine, sure the films suck but don’t bunch those up together because theyre entirely different. You make some good points but if were being objective here, Marvel has a lot of issues because it doesn’t reboot.
    For example, I recently tried to get into reading Civil War 2. It didnt go so well. There are so many iterations and changes and different storylines for all the characters that it becomes nearly impossible to get into something like that unless youre already a long term fan. Then theres the constant deaths and rebirths and changes to characters history make the entire continuity an incredible mess for anyone who doesnt religiously keep up to date.
    You talk a lot about how its difficult for people to figure out whats going on, but it is a lot easier with DC than it is with Marvel.
    Im not saying one is better than the other but Im saying that bandwagoning on the DC hate train that has built up because of the critical reception of the films is just plain shitty. Especially when its so obvious that thats what youre doing. DC does have issues but their comics arent ruined, theyre doing as good, if not better than ever.
    Rebirth isnt a reboot and the New 52, despite some controversy, has made it incredibly easy to get into. Look for a series you want, if it has ‘New 52’ on the cover then youre good to go. Done.

  2. u know marvel has had more reboots and is more confusing and nonsensical. but u don’t care do you? bunch of marvel asslickers.

  3. How did Convergence/ DCyou get left out?!? BTW there were quite a few anti-New52 groups on Facebook before it even started… Oh and there was also #FireDiDio on Twitter… COIE, while not perfect,, and the a lot of loose ends, it was still not as bad as the New52 reboot, where it was shoehorned at the end of Flashpoint aka Flushpoint…

  4. I don’t like ReBirth. I don’t think DC comics have been very good
    the last few years, but I’ve been mostly a Marvel fan since high school.

  5. for the last time Mojo, either stick to list videos or just stop altogether, you’re embarrassing yourself.

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