The Movie Training Montage: Trope Explained! Subscribe: // CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! The use of montage is a handy tool for all filmmakers, but it is most commonly used in the training montage. Join us here at WatchMojo as we discuss the trope of the training montage here on Troped. Watch as we delve into the science behind telling an audience of hard work and accomplishments in just a few seconds with just a few shots on screen.

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  1. The sex montage in Team America was freaking hilarious whenever it was first released!

  2. “show, don’t tell” is one of the best rules of film making, and like the song says, to show it all would take too long, it’s not just sports flicks, various cop / detective type films will have a montage of getting evidence, speaking to informants, pulling in favours etc, I can’t be sure because I haven’t actually watched the film for a while, but I think “7” has one, but don’t quote me on that one, oh, there is definitely a cool non sports montage in “21” where the main character is learning to count cards and beat the house in blackjack. Some tropes are conmen for a reason, in the case of montages it’s because they are great at what they do, they’re not going anywhere

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