Ever seen something while you’re out shopping that absolutely must have, but you don’t know why? Well it all comes down to clever advertising. From psychological priming to staring mascots, here’s 10 Advertising Tricks That Actually Make You Buy Stuff.

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  1. Beer & smokes. All your sports stars and movie heroes died from liver disease and lung cancer. HAHA. Fun fact, jesus died from alcoholism.

    • He was drunk when he flipped that table, and it got him killed.

  2. Apple, the OS that didn’t support 10-bit color until 2015, which by then people moved on to “IBM” to do graphics work and make ADS. Apple, the brand that bases its whole business model on color accuracy. HAHA.

  3. But do you know what is the most cruel and subtle way to make you buy anything?

    Walking into a grocery store with 10$.

  4. I doubt Apple, with the locked-in proprietary hardware/software(I.e. Battery and Launcher/Root Access) really doesn’t give creativity to one’s imagination…

  5. the clothing business is such a scam to begin with. so much air in those prices. if something has -70% tag in it, you may ask yourself, why is that? The shop is still making profit from it, so if you get a 100€shirt for 30€, the beginning price had AT LEAST pure 70€ air in it. sure businesses need to ask more than it actually costs to manufacture and bring it to shop, but still. if that 30€ is enough to give them a nice profit, that 70€ is a total bullshit. if you have a good manufacturer and transporting, you can get those “100€ shirts” for way less than 5€. so fuck you, i’ll just keep buying them “pirates”

  6. okay. you knew what tricks they used. how ’bout this, you make a product and use that tricks , obviously you’ll be rich as fvck right?. i dont know what they think, even the recearcher themself, cant make some money from this trick when they already know it. so? YES that is!

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