Doctors have, of course, taken the Hippocratic Oath to care for you when you’re at your most vulnerable. But that doesn’t mean they don’t tell a few white lies every now and then… here are 10 lies your doctor may be telling you.

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  1. What’s real fun is being treated like you’re a hypochondriac for most of your life until the doctors finally do some in-depth tests and find out you were telling the truth.

  2. A doctor needs to fix this dudes head talking issues…

    He is like a bobble head of that won’t shut up.

  3. When I was in the military years ago I had a doctor put me in the hospital I was only supposed to be there 3 days, he forgot about me on vacation so I ended up spending two and a half weeks in the hospital

  4. I use and it is far more accurate than most of my doctors for my rare diseases. I love it because it is peer reviewed and reliable.

  5. Ok where I’m from doctors, nurses and paramedics HAVE do to continued education. You are expected to go back to school every few years in order to stay up to date with new medical treatments.

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