Lazy, selfish, entitled. Pretty much everyone born in the 20 years following 1982 has been called these things at one time or another. But are these supposedly common traits of millenials at all true?

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  1. I think people can’t separate societal trends and tendencies from the characteristics of a generation. Especially with Millennials, which was attempted to be described even before they entered the work force. You can’t judge a generation before it has been given a chance to make an impact. Side Note: I was born in 1998 so I don’t think I constitute as a Millennial even.

  2. Millennials suck, I’m one and I’m saying that, I mean look at the increase in homosexuals compared to other generations

  3. based on my experience, i think millennials are in a way a bad generation, but at the same time they are misunderstood, sure they are judgmental af, (and in my high school) did the worst of all the school years, and spend too much time on social media, (i am different from them as i dont myself and i used to hate millennials for how they treated me) but you have to take into acccount the amount of stuff they go through and what the previous generation has done to them, including parenting, ive seen some parenting and some of them are way bad, at my workplace ive seen a mom (you know, she may be a millenial or the generation before) screaming at her 3 year old daughter while shes getting excited to get her stuff yelling her to shut up while im helping them and basically because shes supposedly annoying her mom. then we have the way they set up the school system, how the government is setting up millennials, etc…. Idk anymore because ive been negatively impacted by them too much that my negative ideas from the past and current positive ideas are mixing, so its not 100% true and just my opinion, mostly observations

  4. Considering the generation in question thinks it’s a great idea to eat laundry soap, I’m not sure I hold out much hope for them :/

    • With all due respect, you are mistaken. Kids and teens in 2018 are not millennials, they are Gen Z, the one right after.

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